I Hate “Lists” but I’m All About Content Marketing

Jody BrittIndustry News

content marketing

It’s easy to get swept into these “top 10” lists, seems there’s one for every situation. But I take content marketing pretty seriously – I believe the content is what sets apart the generic from the truly engaging (see more about signature stories!). I could pull out the highlights of this article, but I think each point is important – first of all, your audience craves valuable content and if done right, content marketing will absolutely help improve your business through better customer relationships, that lead to better customer loyalty, which leads to word of mouth marketing, and so on and so on. I believe any level of marketing budget can find the right mix of branding and sales tactics to reach both prospects and customers in a meaningful way. Focus on where your customers “hang out” and find out as much as you can about their interests. See more in “Walk the Marketing Line” about taking a different approach to your customers – starting with content!

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