Walk the Marketing Line?

Jody BrittIndustry News

walk the line

Most marketing tactics follow a linear pattern – funneling prospects to customers along a marketing timeline, mostly measured by the concepts of reach and frequency. But new technology and methods are helping marketers think outside the norm in terms of how to interact with customers.

“What if we accepted the increasingly recognized idea that consumers start, stop and reverse themselves, try new approaches, go out of the market for a while and even get to the “altar of purchase” and then simply walk away?”

To me this means finding prospects whenever they’re listening and wherever they may be – exploring non-traditional mediums and making everything about the customer. We must first fully define your ideal customer and then learn as much as we can about them. Beyond demographics (which are important!), what are their interests and dislikes, where do they live, work and play? This will help you create meaningful content that will captivate your audience.

This also means creating plans that are dynamic in nature – quick to adjust when tactics aren’t working and quick to amplify those that are successful. Following a strategy versus set plans and making sure your content is effective and engaging.

It takes a leap of faith, but so does straying from the straight and narrow. The results can be extraordinary – going beyond your goals to increase your bottom… line.

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